Foods with More Fiber Than an Apple



While all berries are a healthy choice, raspberries (and blackberries) come out on top with just under 9 grams of fiber per cup, not to mention a healthy dose of vitamin C. While still delicious and fiber-rich, strawberries have only 3 grams of fiber per cup and blueberries have 4 grams. This recipe for Raspberry-Peach-Mango Smoothie Bowl is a sweet way to start the day.


 Black Beans

Hello fiber! A 1/2-cup serving of black beans offers a hefty 8 grams. That’s nearly one-third of the daily fiber recommendation for women. Black beans are also a great source of protein, with 7 grams per serving. Rinse canned beans prior to use to help reduce the sodium. For a filling, fiber-packed and easy lunch or dinner, try this Brazilian Black Bean Soup.